Trainers training


Classes taught in:
Start of classes:
25 February 2021
End of program:
25 February 2021
Class times:

Thursday, June 18th from 10 to 17h

Tuition fees:

How can teachers help ensure their students succeed? The first step is an awareness of the need to constantly review and hone their teaching method-ologies in order to optimise the teaching process and maximise students’ learn-ing.

We need to know how adults learn nowadays and which methods produce the best results. From a practical perspective, this refers to the aspects which boost the results of training programs. Participants will be given the opportunity to simulate real-life scenarios by teaching mock classes and identifying the key points to be worked on.

By means of studying theory and solving practical cases, this Executive Education program analyses:

  1. Introduction
  2. Student profiles and group dynamics
  3. Teachers and teaching styles
  4. Teaching methods
  5. Educational tools
  6. Scheduling sessions and subjects
  7. Assessment
  8. Integration and conclusions

Why this program?

  1. Improve your teaching skills
  2. Understand the keys allowing you to improve the teaching process:
  • Getting to know your students
  • Group dynamics
  • Teachers and teaching styles
  • Teaching methods and educational tools
  • Scheduling sessions and subjects
  • Assessment

Who is it for?

Teachers and coaches starting out in their careers or who wish to improve their teaching skills.

Director of Studies


Oriol Amat, Dean of UPF Barcelona School of Management and Chair of Pompeu Fabra University’s Department of Economics and Business, is also Vice-President of the Catalan Economists’ Association and Vice-President of the Catalan Accounting Association (ACCID).