List of courses offered by the UPF Barcelona School of Management which revolve around the three aspects of sustainability: the economic, environmental and social aspects.

  • Online Master in Scientific, Medical and Environmental Communication.
    Communication, Journalism and Translation Area.
    Management: Gemma Revuelta and Carolina Llorente.
    The Online Master in Scientific, Medical and Environmental Communication prepares its students for the generation and transmission of scientific knowledge, and ideas and opportunities arising from the application and associated technologies of that knowledge.
  • Master in Public and Social Policies.
    Area of Law, Politics and Public Management.
    Management: Vicenç Navarro, Mònica Clua and the Steering Committee formed by V. Navarro, J. Benach, D. Steinwachs, M. Clua, K. Pollack and S. Sarasa.
    The Master's Degree in Public and Social Policy, which is taught in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University, provides the training and tools needed to develop responses to current social needs. Through interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary training, the programme aims to train professionals capable of responding to social needs and solving all kinds of social problems.
  • Postgraduate course in Total Supply Chain Management.
    Business Administration and Management Area.
    Management: Oriol Montanyà.
    The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the importance of supply chains in the framework of business strategy, showing that much of the strength of a business depends on the quality of the mechanisms that must ensure the provision of products or services, both under normal conditions and in exceptional situations.
  • Postgraduate Course on Management of Social Responsibility (CSR).
    Business Administration and Management Area.
    Management: Susana Domingo, Ester Oliveras and Xavier Carbonell.
    The main objective is to train professionals who can generate value in the business environment and in society, working for a global, sustainable and inclusive economy.
  • A new city model: the Smart City (spanish)
    Creativity and Technology Area.
    Management: Carles Martín.
    New technologies are producing radical changes in urban centres. We need to plan and design strategies that allow us to achieve more liveable and sustainable cities.
  • Sustainability marketing . (spanish)
    Marketing and Branding Area.
    Management: Josep Maria Galí.
    Managing by incorporating a vision of economic, environmental and social sustainability has become an obligation for all companies in order to compete.