Startup partners: selection, relations and dissolving


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15 April 2020 (to be confirmed)
End of program:
06 May 2020 (to be confirmed)
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One of the most common reasons why startups fail is the suspension of the project due to irreconcilable differences among the partners. Varying opinions on the business model, personal professional project and expectations can combine to generate great instability within a company. 

Handling such issues in an experiential fashion with guidance from a renowned expert will provide solutions to the various problems that can arise when setting up a new business. The program’s Director of Studies, Jordi Mercader, has founded and directed a venture capital firm and has 9 technology partnerships for which he manages over 50 partners.

By presenting various real cases for study, this Executive Education program covers:

  • Self-knowledge as an entrepreneur, investor or advisor
  • The selecting of partners in light of the company type
  • The establishment of the pact among the partners
  • Exit strategies according to different scenarios: cash out, forced permanence, etc.


To provide participants with tools for managing profiles, expectations, implications and timing in the selecting and managing of the partners in a new company:

  • Defining the exact type of partner to be sought out
  • Establishing rules for the relationships between the entrepreneurs and the investor
  • Organising divestments that are beneficial for the company and the parties involved

Who is it for?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • People interested in entrepreneurship
  • Professionals in the technology sector
  • Professionals in the finance sector
  • Business angels and other investors

Director of Studies

jordi_mercaderJordi Mercader, with a PhD in Business, Finance and Insurance from the University of Barcelona, is a Director of Studies at UPF Barcelona School of Management and Head of the Operations and Technology department and also has 24 years’ experience across various management roles in the finance sector and in consulting for technology-based businesses.