Seminar in Modelling in Economic Evaluation of Pharmaceuticals and Health Programmes (blended learning)


Distance learning activities

The Modelling Techniques for Economic Evaluation of Medications and Healthcare Technologies seminar combines classroom-based and distance learning activities. The distance learning activities to be performed by the participants alongside attendance of the classroom-based sessions will consist of: (i) study activities and (ii) preparing and composing assignments to apply and develop the knowledge gained in the classroom-based sessions of this seminar concerning modelling techniques. The study activities will be distributed to the participants one month before the start of the face-to-face classes and students will have three weeks to perform them. They are practical exercises and tests on basic topics of economic assessment, statistics and use of Microsoft Excel.

The assignments to apply and develop the knowledge gained will have the following characteristics:

  • An assignment with the aim of assessing the quality of an economic assessment model published using the quality criteria of the HTA in the United Kingdom.
  • A group assignment (up to a maximum of 4 people) aimed at producing a proposed economic assessment model based on a problem concerning a clinical decision that the participants will be provided with. Performance of this activity shall consist of:
    • Describing the clinical problem (alternative treatments to compare, target patients, stages of the pathology, etc.).
    • Carrying out a bibliographic search of the data necessary.
    • Designing the structure of the model.
    • Completing the tables of resources, costs and effectiveness measures chosen to feed the model.
    • Calculating the transition probabilities of the model.
    • Preparing a model which works and presenting its results.

The expected result from this assignment will be the presentation of a report structured in the usual manner for a scientific article with a minimum length of 6,000 words and a maximum of 8,000 words, not including annexes.

During the period for performance of the distance learning assignment, participants will have access to the seminar's tutors through a question-and-answer forum and e-mail. Queries will be grouped into a maximum of one per group per week. Tutors will reply to queries within a maximum of 48 hours.


Academic assessment of the seminar will be performed based on an assessment of the assignment to apply and develop knowledge. The assessment will be performed by the supervisors and coordinators of the seminar.