Postgraduate Course in Selection, Evaluation and Preservation of Human Potential

Program curriculum and final degree

Program Curriculum

Postgraduate Course in the Selection, Evaluation and Conservation of Human Potential Module II

  1. Successful professional factors in growing companies. Competences associated with strategic development, business mission, management duties and resource management.
  2. Personnel selection as a key strategy factor.
    1. Profile definitions.
    2. Competence selection.
    3. Virtual environments for recruitment and selection.
    4. Focused interview methodology.
  3. CV-based interview.
    1. Bases for objectivity.
    2. Workshop.
  4. Senior executive selection and assessment.
    1. Interviews in depth.
    2. Potential management assessment.
    3. Executive search and Management Audit.
  5. People assessment processes.
    1. Compliance management and business strategy.
    2. Principles, roles and feedback.
    3. Assessment interview.
  6. Assessment through simulation (Assessment Centre).
    1. Requisites, logistics and tools.
    2. Practical applications of the assessment centre.
      1. Extern selection.
      2. Intern selection.
  7. Innovative practices to ensure talent.
    1. How to identify, manage and maintain talent.
    2. Models of diagnosis and loyalty.
  8. Compensation and benefits related to professional loyalty.
    1. Compensation systems for preservation.
    2. Compensation systems for incentivizing.
  9. Positive and feasible staff adaptation procedures.
    1. Is it possible to find innovative alternatives?
    2. How to design a corporate plan and to put it across.
    3. Outplacement and Employment Antenna.
    4. Professional management of the dismissal

Final Degree

Postgraduate Course in the Selection, Evaluation and Preservation of Human Potential issued by the Universitat Pompeu Fabra: for graduates, university certificate holders or university-specific degree graduates having successfully completed the second module.