Postgraduate Diploma in Content Creation and New Digital Narratives

Program curriculum and final degree

Program Curriculum

  • Writing (2): narrative structures (compulsory)
  • Non-fiction (2): documentary discourses (compulsory)
  • Narrative tale (2): short forms (compulsory)
  • Project development (2): digital platforms (compulsory)
  • Creative tools and technologies (compulsory)
  • Series for platforms (optional)
  • Projects for YouTube (optional)
  • Projects for Twitter (optional)
  • Projects for Instagram and TikTok (optional)
  • Podcast (optional)
  • Interactive narratives and transmedia (optional)
  • BSM Communication (optional)
  • Final dissertation (compulsory)

Final Degree

Postgraduate Course in New Digital Storytelling by Pompeu Fabra University.