Online Postgraduate course in Total Supply Chain Management


Classes taught in:
Start of classes:
08 April 2021
End of program:
22 June 2021
Program type:
Postgraduate Program
Tuition fees:
to be determined

The crisis sparked by the Covid-19 pandemic has revealed the key role supply chains play in the framework of a company’s corporate strategy, demonstrating that a good part of their robustness relies on the quality of the mechanisms guaranteeing the provision of products or services, whether in normal conditions or under exceptional circumstances.

Understood to be the quantitative and qualitative evolution of traditional logistic processes, supply chain management is also fast becoming one of the most in-demand skills on the labour market.

This postgraduate course aims to meet the needs of all those professionals or students in the operations sector that aim to specialise in supply chain management, from demand planning to the relations with the end customer, also encompassing provisioning, transport and storage.

Furthermore, the course has also been developed with the aim to revise and update knowledge on the supply chain field, which in recent years has been directly affected by important changes such as digitalisation, omnichannel strategy, sustainability and automation.

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Why this program?

  • It provides a comprehensive vision of the supply chain, demonstrating all of the various keys to its management and to the provision of excellence across the different processes involved.
  • It also provides practical applications and concrete strategies for meeting urgent challenges such as digital transformation, the reduction of environmental impacts and the need to capture and retain talent.
  • It combines three teaching components that guarantee in-depth and engaging training for the sector: the outlining of theory, analysis of real cases and participation by renowned directors.
  • It also provides one of the most in-demand qualifications on the market (that of Supply Chain Manager), with the UPF Barcelona School of Management seal of quality.


  1. SUPPLY CHAIN FUNDAMENTALS: participate in a comprehensive, up-to-date technical review of the processes involved in supply chain management: planning, purchasing, provisioning, transport, storage and the last mile.
  2. SUPPLY CHAIN STRATEGY: learn about the strategic keys to the design and coordination of a supply chain that is able to meet the needs of all agents involved: customers, workers, suppliers, society and investors.
  3. SUPPLY CHAIN TECHNOLOGY: discover the practical application of technological advances that can offer real value to the supply chain, focusing on fields such as Big Data, artificial intelligence and robotics.
  4. SUPPLY CHAIN LEADERSHIP: develop the personal skills needed to lead teams with a high level of commitment, motivation and quality. Tools will also be provided for setting quality controls, building flexible organisations and developing projects for improving processes (project management).  
  5. SUPPLY CHAIN SUSTAINABILITY: propose challenges and solutions for the supply chain in order to balance the three pillars of sustainability (economic, environmental and social), taking into account the lessons of the COVID-19 crisis.

Who is it for?

  • Professionals and students in the operations sector that aim to make a qualitative leap in supply chain analysis and management.
  • This postgraduate course takes into account the wide variety of its participants’ career paths and training. The program is designed to be adapted to the degree of prior familiarity each student has with the subjects to be taught.