Postgraduate on Active & Healthy Ageing Project Management


Start of classes:
01 October 2020
End of program:
26 November 2020
Program type:
Postgraduate Program
Tuition fees:

The aim of UPF Barcelona School of Management's Postgraduate in Active and Healthy Ageing Project Management is to train specialists that will be capable of helping senior citizens to maintain a high quality of life. The course has been recognized as an example of best practice by the Catalan Ministry of Social Welfare and Family.

Throughout the course you will learn to develop plans, services, products and active ageing policies that aim to help senior citizens to join in and participate. You will design products for sectors such as leisure, education, volunteering or citizen coexistence. You will therefore help to encourage senior citizens to maintain a healthy body and mind.

When you finish the Postgraduate in Active and Healthy Ageing Project Management you will be able to work in areas such as public administration and social services, cultural, educational, sport or tourism initiatives, participatory projects, citizen associations, NGOs, etc. You can also work in private institutions such as activity centres for the elderly, civic centres, retirement homes, day care centres, etc.

You can choose how to finance your studies by consulting our simulator and receive an answer in less than 24 hours. You can also check the special bank loans available to participants in the UPF Barcelona School of Management.



  • Learn to define, compile and implement active ageing strategies, polices and plans in local and/or regional public administrative bodies.
  • Design, put forward, draw up and manage programs, projects, activities, services and active ageing products in consultancy firms and private companies.

Who is it for?

  • Professionals specialising in care for the elderly working for government bodies or private companies which offer services or products to the elderly: social, residential, leisure, cultural, educational, sport, health, etc.
  • Professionals and those qualified in the social and cultural field and community projects, both public and private (managers, programmers, coordinators, programme and project managers): social educators, adult educators, social workers, managers of projects for participation and work with associations, social and cultural animation and community development, voluntary work, integration and equality, mediation, cultural managers, etc.
  • People working in other fields who would like to develop projects to encourage active ageing or redirect their career in this area.
  • Retired professionals and voluntary workers from different areas who would like to be involved in projects for active ageing in the service sector.
  • Graduates in other disciplines, such as education, psychology, sociology, anthropology, the humanities, political and administrative science, health, public health, physical education, management, law, philosophy, geography and history, art history, literature, library economics, art (visual arts, music, dance, theatre), communication, audiovisuals, architecture, design, tourism, hospitality, etc.