Postgraduate Course in Training and Developing the Human Capital

Program curriculum and final degree

Program Curriculum

Module III. Postgraduate Course in Training and Developing Human Capital

  1. Training and development as strategic factors.
    1. Knowledge administration: a trend or need?
    2. Generators of competitive capacities, resources and advantages.
    3. Quantification of the intellectual capital of the company.
  2. The trainer as an internal consultant.
    1. What does the internal client expect from trainers?
    2. Can future challenges be planned?
    3. Performance problems.
  3. Value added by training.
    1. Audits or analyses of competences gaps.
    2. Design of strategies to find solutions.
    3. Assessment of training procedures and actions.
    4. Where does the added value reside?
  4. Virtual environments for training and development.
    1. Possibilities with Web 2.0.
    2. Self-training and virtual training.
    3. Definition and implantation of an eLearning project.
    4. Creation of virtual communities as a basis for professional development.
    5. Learning and collaborative work in network.
    6. Collaborative work tools in network.
  5. The management of knowledge in organizations.
    1. The need of learning, sharing and producing.
    2. The intellectual capital.
    3. Knowing how to implant a GdC programme in the organization, its implications, its barriers...
  6. 6. Procedures for talent development.
    1. Identification of potential and professional identity.
    2. Development centres as a tool for preserving talent.
    3. Management development centres: tutoring and coaching.
  7. 7. Competence development for young senior executives.
    1. Assertive leadership.
    2. Working with emotional intelligence.
    3. Self-Assessment.
  8. 8. Excellence though assisted development.
    1. Coaching, a process for improvement.
    2. Training to act as an internal or professional coach.
    3. Coaching for teams.
    4. High performance teams.
    5. Mentoring, when should it be used?
    6. Should we design a procedure for coaching or mentoring?

Final Degree

Postgraduate Course in Training and Developing the Human Capital issued by the Universitat Pompeu Fabra: for graduates, university certificate holders or university-specific degree graduates having successfully completed the third module.