Online Postgraduate Course in Data Analytics and Visualisation

Program curriculum and final degree

Program Curriculum

Opening lecture

  • Open sources and online disinformation - Dr. Lluís Codina.

1. Digital analytics

  • Digital analytics. Strategic aspects
  • Google Analytics: web analytics control panels

2. Digital analytics fields of application

  • Online marketing campaign measurement
  • Data visualization with Data Studio

3. Obtaining and collecting public data

  • Data collection sources (I): government bodies and official data portals
  • Data collection sources (II): search engines, databases and web portals.

4. Processing public data

  • Scraping o automated data scraping.
  • Data cleansing and normalisation.

5. Visualising quantitative information

  • Quantitative data visualisation
  • Interactive visualization of quantitative data

6. Visualising qualitative information

  • Infographics.
  • Interactive infographics

7. Dissertation

Final Degree

Upon successfully completing the program, students will receive a Postgraduate Course in Data Analytics and Visualisation, awarded by Pompeu Fabra University.