Online Postgraduate Course in Data Analytics and Visualisation


Our innovative teaching methodology is based on online learning, web posts, discussion forums, student debates and the holding of workshops supervised by the teacher.

The online classroom is a website designed to facilitate and encourage shared self-learning, with the course’s teaching materials complemented by apps allowing students to communicate with the teacher.

The online classroom is a dynamic space in which teachers and students can share ideas and upload information in an ongoing fashion. It is an asynchronous communication space for distance learning students can log into at their own convenience.

The space is accessed via Pompeu Fabra University’s homepage by means of passwords provided before the course starts, giving students ample time to familiarise themselves with the platform.

General characteristics of the course contents

The course is structured into modules with the contents organised according to teaching units within these modules.

Teaching units

Teaching units are formed of a central article, practical in nature, summarising the unit’s main contents. Some teaching units are also complemented by a video of the teacher explaining how the relevant computer programs, tools or online services work.

The teaching units also include the following elements:

  1. Activities to be carried out by the students as they get to grips with the course contents.
  2. A discussion forum allowing students to communicate freely with the teacher and express their opinions on anything the teacher considers important.
  3. A final evaluation which may take various formats, such as a multiple-choice test, essay or video presentation.
  4. Some teaching units also entail participation in live videoconferences with teachers.

The initial teaching units in each module are introductory in nature in order to help the students understand and assimilate the basic concepts. The final units are more in depth, expanding on the subject matter in detail.


The evaluation system is based on the following elements:

  1. Consultative forums and communication with the teacher
  2. Individual evaluations: multiple choice tests, exams with short questions, video presentations, tool testing and essays.
  3. Group evaluations: discussion forums, participation in videoconferences, group work.


UPF Barcelona School of Management’s online masters, postgraduate programs and short courses are aimed at professionals who prefer to work 100% online, without attending face-to-face in-classroom sessions. This type of learning requires the active participation of the student through a wide variety of online resources (documents, bibliography, 2.0 tools, videos, interactive applications, etc.) that enable learning, practical work and the acquisition of new key competences.