Online Postgraduate Course in Data Analytics and Visualisation


Classes taught in:
Start of classes:
01 October 2020
End of program:
23 December 2020
Program type:
Postgraduate Program
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Our Online Postgraduate Course in Data Analytics and Visualisation will equip you with the skills needed to analyse data and create representative graphs for visualising information in the decision-making process.

The disciplines of data analytics and visualisation provide a straightforward method for presenting and interpreting information or complex facts based on sets of data to have been suitably processed and displayed in a visual format. Throughout the course, you will learn how to search for and represent different sources of information that will allow you to measure, compare, categorise, link and reveal developments in order to respond to questions on how to boost business. All of this will be carried out in a simple, appealing fashion that may be used as part of a company or institution’s communicative strategy.

The program’s emphasis is placed on techniques for analysing and visualising data that do not require an advanced knowledge of mathematics or statistics.


Who is it for?

Our Online Postgraduate Course in Data Analytics and Visualisation is aimed at students with different backgrounds in the social sciences or from more technical career paths with a desire to learn more about obtaining, filtering and visualising data in order to interpret and reveal underlying trends. The course is also aimed at professionals who wish to present complex information to aid a company or institution’s decision-making process.

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