We provide a selection of relevant articles and items of news that deal with sustainability issues, with special emphasis on current events in the UPF Barcelona School of Management, although also included are those international items that stand out due to their relevance or innovative character.

  • The UPF Barcelona School of Management inaugurates a new year marked by hybrid teaching (spanish) [28/09/2020].
    On Monday, the UPF Barcelona School of Management inaugurated the academic year 2020–2021, which will be governed by a hybrid teaching model to face what will be an exceptional new year due to COVID-19. Anna Gener, president and CEO of Savills Aguirre Newman Barcelona and patron of the Museu Picasso Foundation, delivered the inaugural lecture, which she used to reflect on the 'protagonists of the post-pandemic world'.
  • Mercadona and the UPF Barcelona School of Management create a chair to boost the circular economy (spanish) [26/09/2020].
    The UPF Barcelona School of Management and Mercadona, a physical and online supermarket, have sealed a collaboration agreement to create the "Mercadona Chair in Circular Economy", which will aim to find ways to take advantage of the savings in resources derived from the application of the principles of the circular economy.
  • Are collaborative economy companies aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals? (spanish) [20/09/2020].
    The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are part of the 2030 Agenda created by the UN to move towards sustainable development with missions as diverse as eradicating poverty, using renewable energy or having safe and sustainable cities. Although at first its 169 targets were designed for countries, companies are also a key element in meeting them.
  • Sustainable development and the circular economy: the role of institutions in circular consumption (spanish) [29/06/2020].
    Recent events have highlighted the vulnerability of the current linear consumption model and the impossibility of maintaining it over time and in the long term. The causes are known to all and are shown in the media a thousand times a day: lack of resources, climate change, pandemics or inequality are words that have unfortunately become part of our regular vocabulary. This fact has certainly influenced people and made us aware of the seriousness of the problem that affects us.
  • UPF is the 10th best young university in the world, according to Times Higher Education (spanish) [25/06/2020].
    For the first time, UPF manages to position itself in the world's top 10 for this classification. The Young University Ranking 2020, which includes a total of 414 centres under the age of fifty, places Pompeu Fabra in 1st place in Spain and 5th in Europe.
  • UPF-BSM publishes a book on COVID-19 with the reflections and critical thoughts of 18 experts (spanish) [19/06/2020].
    The UPF Barcelona School of Management created the COVID-19 Observatory in order to contribute, from the transversality of the different disciplines it teaches, to providing a shared view and reflection formed by its academics and professionals based on evidence, constructive criticism and with a clear social commitment.