Innovation Observatory


The Innovation Observatory is a project to detect, analyse, and synthesize new practices on innovation around the world, whether new models, methodologies, technologies, or practices, which aim to improve the way people or organizations innovate. 


The aim of this observatory is to disseminate, to the various audiences of the BSM-UPF, the State of the Art of trends in innovation that accelerate the transformation of businesses through the exponential growth of the impact of the technologies applied to business management.

Observatory Coordinator

Alfons Cornella
Associate professor at UPF-BSM. Founder of The Institute of Next, a company that aims to push those companies that wish to do so to take a long-term look at the changes to come that will transform the business models of the future.

Scheduled Activities 2020–21

The Institute of Next is in charge of generating the content of the observatory, while the UPF-BSM is in charge of design and dissemination in the appropriate media:

  • Every quarter, a question will be asked that acts as a catalyst, so that start-ups, companies, corporations, and organizations in general can show us how they respond to it.
  • An annual talk to be held between UPF-BSM students and Alumni.