Novo Nordisk Pharmacoeconomics and Health Chair


This chair was created in 2020 through collaboration between UPF Barcelona School of Management and Novo Nordisk, a global healthcare company. The Novo Nordisk Chair is mainly aimed at generating knowledge concerning organizational management and healthcare for diabetes with UPF-BSM's resources and collaboration and that of the third parties deemed appropriate.


  • To generate systematic knowledge to study and define the aspects that bring about the best results for the health of patients with diabetes.
  • To train human capital and offer internships to students with different profiles.
  • To convey the reflections to the various interest groups.

Director of the Chair 

Jaume Puig-Junoy

Permanent lecturer at UPF Barcelona School of Management and accredited professor. He is currently an advisory member of the Advisory Committee for the Funding of Pharmaceutical Provision at the Ministry of Health. Since 2002, he has directed the Master on Health Economics and Pharmacoeconomics and the International Master on Health Economics and Pharmacoeconomics at UPF-BSM.

Planned Activities in the Academic Year 2020/2021

  • Online training program in Clinical Management and Economic Assessment of Medications and Medical Technologies.
  • Face-to-face knowledge transfer conference. Professional knowledge transfer seminar.
  • Producing public education articles or working documents related to health treatments of interest.
  • The Novo Nordisk Scholarship to take the Official Master's Degree in Health Economics and Pharmacoeconomics.