A successful "Be Digital" seminar ends for Volkswagen Audi Spain

  • A total of 132 employees took part in the session led by Professor Joan Francesc Cànovas

The UPF Barcelona School of Management gave the first webinar to the Volkswagen Audi Spain Corporate Academy. Previous webinars have already become a benchmark for online training, thanks to the interaction between the participants and the speaker. In the webinars, the speaker is live in front of the audience and attendees can ask questions, make comments and listen to the contributions of other participants on the same online platform.


In this case, the webinar was given by Professor Joan Francesc Cánovas of the UPF Barcelona School of Management under the title Be Digital.Digital Communication in Services and he offered a comprehensive view of the transformative potential of digitization in organizations. In total, 132 Volkswagen Audi employees took part. They showed great interest and actively participated throughout with interesting questions. At the end, participants applauded the format, content and the teacher's explanations both for their effectiveness as a method and for the management of the tool.

This webinar is part of a wider training program on digital transformation aimed at all employees of Volkswagen Audi Spain. It combines both online and classroom training that is completely aligned with the company's corporate and business strategy.

Volkswagen Audi Spain has a state-of-the-art online Corporate Academy that has been developed in cooperation with the UPF Barcelona School of Management and has become a social network for knowledge management within the company. It has three outstanding features:

  • personalized learning, in which each professional is responsible for their own training plan and setting up their training itinerary in agreement with their manager, in a totally independent and immediate fashion.
  • It fosters the participation of the managers of each business area in identifying the training needs of their teams and ensures a learning-based strategy.
  • It breaks down the barriers of the traditional classroom and allows experiential learning.

The "Be Digital" Digital Communication in Services webinar given by the UPF Barcelona School of Management was conducted successfully and allowed the professionals to attend from wherever they were through their devices. All content (videos, presentations, documents, etc.) remains available to the participants on the training platform.