The UPF-BSM signs a partnership agreement with the Lanzhou University School of Management


The UPF Barcelona School of Management (UPF-BSM) and the Lanzhou University School of Management (LUSM) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) in which they expressed their commitment to collaborating in a range of academic areas.

The Dean of the UPF-BSM, Llorenç Bagur, emphasized that “establishing relationships and collaborations with top-class institutions in China is fundamental for the UPF-BSM’s internationalization strategy and helps us work towards the goals of our China Global Strategy. Our partnership with the Lanzhou University School of Management will boost our cooperation in different areas and enhance the experience of the students of both communities”.

His counterpart, Dean Prof. He Wensheng explained that "we are a young school that has grown extremely quickly, gaining AMBA accreditation in 2014 and the double AMBA and BGA accreditation last year. Moreover, we have just completed the initial phases of our AACSB accreditation. However, in our network of over 30 partners, none of them are based in Spain, which makes our relationship especially important as it marks the start of a new chapter of collaboration between our two countries”.

And finally, Mr. Chuenping Lam, Principal Advisor, explained that "the China-Central Asia Summit was held at the starting point of the Silk Road and Lanzhou was an important city on this route. Today Lanzhou University School of Management has come to Barcelona to sign an agreement with UPF-BSM and also establish a connection between the two continents, helping to build a cooperation belt and initiating a new international relationship".

Among other aspects, the partnership agreement includes the following points:

  • Reciprocal exchanges between lecturers and students for limited periods.
  • The development of programs and joint research projects of mutual interest.
  • Participation in seminars, academic conferences, training programs, short courses and summer programs.
  • Cooperating in the organization of training activities in general, including the possibility of running joint programs.
  • Collaborating closely during the week-long European residential program (specifically in Barcelona) of the students on the LUSM’s EMBA program.
  • Developing opportunities for consultancy and projects.

A number of senior representatives from both Schools attended the event to mark the signing of the memorandum, including Honorary Dean Prof. Bao Guoxian, Dean Prof. He Wensheng, Associate Professor Wang Yanxia and Director Fang Yan from LUSM. From UPF-BSM, as well as Dean Prof. Llorenç Bagur, the event was also attended by Associate Provost for Business Strategy and Partnerships, Dr. Josep Maria Galí, Associate Dean Prof. Dr. Rodrigo Cetina, International Development Director Águeda Quiroga, and the Executive Director of the China Global Strategy Qianying (Núria) Zhou. In addition, the members of the Advisory Board of the China Global Strategy were also present: Chuenping Lam, the Principal Advisor, and Feifei Chen, Advisor.

Consolidating our China Global Strategy
The partnership agreement between the two schools forms part of the activities of our China Global Strategy, a project that began in 2021 and which is led by Qianying (Núria) Zhou. The aim of the project is to generate a platform for collaboration between China and Spain that encompasses culture, business and the university and scientific world, as well as connecting the talent of the two countries.

According to the Executive Director of the project, it aims to “build bridges for the different talents trained at UPF-BSM who have the capacity to lead in international settings, enabling them to connect with companies and institutions in both countries”. 

This type of partnership agreement with top-class institutions helps us make progress in our strategy in Asia, creating new links between the two countries that reinforce our positioning and international presence.