Master in Communication Management


Classes taught in:
Start of classes:
02 October 2020 (to be confirmed)
End of program:
03 July 2021 (to be confirmed)
Class times:

Module I: Fridays from 16.00 to 21.00h and Saturdays from 9.30 to 14.30h
Module II:Thursdays from 19.00 to 21.30h, Fridays from 16.00 to 21.00h and Saturdays from 9.30 to 14.30h

Program type:
Master's Degree
Tuition fees:

Apply now and get a 10% discount on your tuition fees by completing your enrolment before April 17th, 2020.

The Master in Communications Management will prepare you to lead communication in all types of organizations. You will learn the latest techniques and trends in business communication and will impact on your strategic, management and leadership skills which should be known by communication managers today.

Throughout the course, you will learn to plan and implement communication plans as well as to establish complex communication strategies to achieve links with everyone. In addition, you will deepen your knowledge of digital technologies and the various key performance indicators (KPI). You will also learn to effectively manage the communications department of any organization in all its aspects (internal and external communications, public relations, social media management and branding) and learn the essential elements of their management (budgets and negotiation, time management and how to convey corporate values in a uniform and effective way). You will also explore the peculiarities of communication in certain sectors and will practice public presentation to the media and in professional situations. Among other teachers, you will learn from professionals who have worked for organizations such as the Generalitat de Cataluña, Gas Natural and Banc Sabadell.

The Master in Communications Management is aimed at graduates in any field who wish to specialise in this area. For those already working in the world of communication, the Master is a great opportunity to expand and upgrade their employment opportunities.

Why this program?

  1. Because of its cutting-edge content: you will learn to organize and manage all aspects of a corporate communication department, including internal, external and digital communication, developing offline and online communication and advertising plans and strategies (content marketing, corporate identity, crisis plans, social networks), identifying KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and managing all aspects of corporate communication projects (budgeting, cost estimates, team management, time management and deadlines, etc.).
  2. Because you will develop a strategic communication project based on a real organization and present it to the communication directors of organizations such as Banc Sabadell, Caprabo, Nestlé, Petronor, Unilever, Let's Bonus, Mútua Terrassa, Liceu Opera House, F.C. Barcelona, etc.
  3. Because you will learn from communication professionals and academics such as Joan Francesc Cánovas, expert in crisis communication; Xavier Marcet, Managing Director at Lead to Change; Belén Badia, Director of Human Resources and Communication at Grupo Uriach; Ferran Ramon-Cortés, personal communication specialist and Director of 5 Fars Communication Institute; and Daniel Ayuso, Creative Director at the Clase BCN graphic communication studio, among others.
  4. Because you will have the chance to intern at companies such as Asepeyo, Bayer, Catalunya Caixa, Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, Edelman, Government of Catalonia, Inforpress, Intermon Oxfam, Renfe, Roche Diagnostics and Tinkle, among others.
  5. Because it incorporates an advanced, self-designed learning model based on the educational philosophy of the UPF Barcelona School of Management's manifesto.

Who is it for?

The Master in Communication Management is aimed at university graduates in any area. For those with no experience, postgraduate or master's courses offer a highly useful means of specialisation and improvement for entering the professional world. For communication professionals, the programme implies a key opportunity for updating knowledge and a systemisation of experience acquired, providing them with the best possible placement for improving their career.

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