How to transform an organization in 90 days


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06 July 2020
End of program:
06 July 2020
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Can a large organisation really make a transformation? A long company history, old-school methods, large teams and the lack of a shared purpose can all prove setbacks when it comes to a company’s success in making a change.

For an organisation to survive in a VUCA world and continue to generate value for years to come, an understanding of the keys to organisational transformation is vital.

By means of studying theory and solving practical cases, this Executive Education program analyses:

1. Introduction

2. Beginnings: pre-transformation

  • Rapid response teams (RRTs)
  • Transformation office (TO)
  • Executive management team (EMT)

3. Transformation

  • Diagnostic phase
  • Phase for identifying innovative solutions
  • Phase for preparing for the change

4. Initiating the transformation

5. Using IT and monitoring tools to set targets and track the transformation’s progress

6. People management

7. Final considerations


What will you learn?

  • Hone the management skills needed for bringing about fast, successful change
  • Understand the key to undertaking each of the transformation phases, as well as what leads to success and failure
  • Study practical cases based on real companies to get hands-on experience with how to bring about a successful transformation
  • Master the tools used to monitor the transformation process
  • Understand the keys to successful people management

Who is it for?

  • Managers and organisation heads interested in bringing about a transformation. 
  • Consultants
  • Administrators and members of management or administration boards

Director of Studies


Oriol Amat, Dean of UPF Barcelona School of Management and Chair of Pompeu Fabra University’s Department of Economics and Business, is also Vice-President of the Catalan Economists’ Association and Vice-President of the Catalan Accounting Association (ACCID).