Fintech, reinventing financial services


Classes taught in:
Start of classes:
02 June 2020
End of program:
04 June 2020
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Have you heard about the business opportunities generated by the emergence of the phenomenon known as “fintech”? 

To the surprise of many, fintech is able to group the entire banking financial services chain, with the phenomenon’s consolidation leading it to produce a separation in the supply of financial products.  

Such an innovation has generated great disruption and innovation that banking professionals must be familiar with. Fintech is able to conceive of new ways of meeting consumers’ financial challenges, whether on its own or in collaboration with financial institutions.

By means of studying theory and solving practical cases, this Executive Education program analyses:

  • Drivers of change in the financial world
  • What makes fintech different
  • Fintech verticals
  • The threat posed by bigtech
  • The response from financial institutions
  • Workshop for creating a fintech

Three face-to-face sessions, with the first two featuring participation from tutors connected to the world of fintech and real practical cases and theory to be worked upon. The third will be more of a workshop session, in which students will work together to solve a problem by creating a fintech, proptech or insurtech. Preliminary online content will also be shared with participants.


What will you learn?

  • Get to know the new operators transforming the financial sector and the implications
  • Discover real cases representing fintech’s different verticals
  • Become acquainted with the current trends on the banking market from the perspective of their digital transformation
  • Identify the way in which new technologies are being implanted in the financial sector
  • Identify the strategies used by the various financial operators such as banks, financial institutions and technology companies, etc.
  • Connect with the skills needed to drive fintech, proptech or insurtech

Who is it for?

  • Banking executives such as directors and employees
  • Employees of central services in financial institutions or insurance companies
  • Employers or agents of insurance companies
  • Employees of fintech, protech or insurtech companies
  • Financial services professionals

Director of Studies

David Igual, Tutor at the UPF Barcelona School of Management and founding partner and COO of Pensium.