Finance and Innovation London

Program curriculum and final degree

Program Curriculum

The outline agenda*  for Finance & Innovation London is not confirmed.

It is recommended to arrive on 31th March in the afternoon / evening, as the activities will start very early on the morning of 1st April.

Activities we will perform:

In each of the companies we visit, in addition to visiting the facilities, the professionals from these companies will give a masterclass / seminar on practical cases or current issues.

Below is a summary of the companies and talks:

  • Barclays Rise.

A tech start-up accelerator. It is also a Fintech sector hub for various bodies that promote the growth of the companies that are part of the acceleration program. 
Talk: about 10 trends that will change the Fintech 2020 world by the manager of Barclays' Innovation Department and with Techstars, the Rise accelerator and Barclays.

  • Capula Investment Management

One of the largest hedge funds in Europe. They currently control and manage assets worth $17 billion. They have offices in Tokyo, Hong Kong and the United States. The London office is the largest. 
Talk: This will deal with the most applied part of a hedge fund, setting out the features of the buy side of capital and asset markets to maximize returns. 
The talk will be given by a senior analyst and a trader or programmer to see different perspectives of a company with these characteristics.  

  • London Stock Exchange

This is the largest stock exchange in Europe and one of the most important in the world. The London Stock Exchange controls various capital markets from premium to emerging company markets. 
Activity: Opening of the stock exchange and a brief welcome (breakfast) with a talk focusing on the London Stock Exchange's 4 action areas. It will be given by a manager from each area: (1) Capital markets; (2) Bonds; (3) Clearing House; (4) Emerging markets and green economy.

  • Goldman Sachs

The largest investment bank and stockbroker in the world. They work in different sectors, including: bank investment, financial advice for companies, asset management and valuation services. 
Talk / Case Study: about real cases managed by Goldman Sachs. In this session the students will have to solve specific situations for more in-depth hands-on learning based on real situations. Possible topics: the current macro situation - IPOs managed by GS - Mergers and acquisitions - Asset and account management.

  • Oak North.

A commercial bank that specializes in providing financing for SMEs through a solvency analysis system that exponentially speeds up the process of granting financing. This has resulted in it being one of the few unicorns (companies valued at more than $1 billion) that makes a profit. It currently has offices in London, New York and New Delhi. 
Talk: Analysis of the success case of this young bank. OakNorth has a unique SME financing proposition that has resulted in it achieving a unicorn valuation more quickly than any other FinTech company in the history of the United Kingdom and Europe.

  • Bank of England:

The United Kingdom's central bank. It is the regulator and promoter of monetary policy through the Policy Committee. It is also responsible for maintaining the country's financial stability. Founded in 1694, it is one of the oldest central banks in Europe.
Activity: A visit to the facilities and a seminar to deal in depth with one of the areas that the Bank of England works in. Managers from each area will specifically deal with topics such as monetary policy, financial stability and financing of the financial system.

  • Moody's Investor Services

One of the largest credit rating agencies in the world. They also carry out international financial research and analysis of commercial and governmental organizations. They control 40% of the entire credit rating market with a standardized solvency rating scale. 
Activity: A talk about Moody’s unique credit system and promotion of internship vacancies and the graduate hiring program in all of its offices.

  • Silicon Valley Bank

A high-tech commercial bank. Specialized in financing start-ups. So far they have helped more than 30,000. It is one of the largest commercial banks in the United States and has offices in London, China, India, Israel and Germany. 
A talk on the process of granting financing and its specialization in financing loss-making companies. They will also talk about the process of negotiating Silicon Valley Bank's entry into the Spanish market, which is currently in progress.

  • Deloitte

The number one private professional services firm in the world by turnover and one of the so-called Big Four. In the last 4 years it has been rated as the number one place to start a career by BusinessWeek magazine.
Talk: Real M&A cases analysed by Deloitte. They will also talk about Deloitte's international recruitment process. 


The program includes:

  • 3 nights in a double room in a hotel with breakfast included Visits, classes and provided materials
  • Travel insurance
  • Networking lunch on 3 April
  • Transport in London for the visits

The program does not include:

  • Flight tickets
  • Airport transfers
  • Lunches and dinners (except for the networking lunch on 3 April).

* There may be changes to the places visited but they will be along the same lines as those presented.